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VMware to Oracle Cloud

Cloud Service Expertise in
VMware to Oracle Cloud
in North America

Win with Expertise!

Customers seek partners with the specific skills and experience they need to succeed. Oracle Expertise constitutes proof of competency, demonstrated customer success and continued commitment, whether a partner is building on, selling, or implementing Oracle technology.

Expertise in a specific cloud service or product family is attained by completing focused "Qualifiers" (criteria, such as maintaining a number of Oracle-certified individuals). In order to attain this Expertise, OPN members must enroll in one of the program tracks and meet targeted qualifiers that align to their business models in a given regional market – whether they build on, sell, or provide services for Oracle products.

Astute Cloud Service Expertise | VMware to Oracle Cloud

Astute Business Solutions is a leading Oracle Cloud Partner helping customers innovate, transform and modernize on Oracle Cloud. A premier Oracle partner for moving and improving VMware, PeopleSoft, and Ellucian Banner on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Astute is known for its customer-centric and tailored approach to helping clients in all industries. Committed to helping clients decrease TCO, improve performance, and modernize on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Astute offers innovative solutions for migrating and managing on Oracle Cloud, Cloud Analytics, Disaster Recovery, Chatbots and more on the Oracle Marketplace.

First to Achieve VMware to Oracle Cloud certification

First to Achieve VMware to Oracle Cloud certification As the only Oracle Cloud Partner to complete the certifications for VMware to Oracle Cloud, Astute has been awarded the Oracle Services Excellence award. Awarded to partners who have gone above and beyond to become an expert in a segment of Oracle’s business. Astute has exemplified this by being the first and only partner to successfully complete the certification process for VMware to Oracle Cloud. Astute offers services and solutions for PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner, and VMware on Oracle Cloud. To learn more about the Cloud solutions they offer visit

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